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Today is a Good Day

Mindful prayer

This day is a Gift, i can open my eyes.

This Vision is a gift, i can see the clouds in the Sky.

This sight is special as this moment will not happen again.

Every moment is a gift.

Every sound is Music & every step is a dance.

Every human face tells so much.

It is unfathomable, Every touch, every scar in the Human body

is beautiful. Its a gift of Being Alive.

When i put the lights on in my room, This is a gift,

So many people do not have electricity in the world.

When i open the tap and feel the water in my bathroom.

It's a gift , so many people do not have clean water to drink.

This water is like water fall from the mountains, Full with

love, Life and Joy.

Let this Love, life and Joy flow from my eyes, touch

and presence.

Let the good thoughts flow everywhere.

( This is my personal practice of gratitude and Mindfulness before i start my Day as a Spiritual therapist , i read this)

Please share and Practice if you want to.......

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