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Raja Ray Principles


Learn authentic tips & tools in this following direction:
    •    Health Practices against headache, burnout, stress & other problems.
    •    Private & Group classes: Learn Healing movements & Meditation for physical & emotional wellbeing.
    •    Business Empowerment: Need a speaker for lifestyle or mental health for your next event?
After  working with  Top CEO ‘S  & Chairmans, Sportperson,celebreties &  different  personalities from different countries; Raja Ray  got a  unique &  special insight about tradition and neurology. 


From his practical experience he works in this 4 subjects and add values to it:

Mental Health

So much information & stimulation in daily life is effecting our mental wellbeing and the ability to enjoy life is diminishing. Lets create a balance between life activities and efforts to achievea psychological resilience through mindfulness,  yoga and  breathing  practices.

Healing Movements

Which movements harm you and which movements heal you?

One may have fit body and toned muscles, but the back, neck, and shoulder pain is there.

Fitness does not mean total health. Let’s re-learn the way we move to find the easier, stress free movements that heals & balances the body, mind and emotions.

Meditation-Raja Ray-kl.jpg


Lets  reduce our anxiety, depression, stress & pain by learning step by  step Traditional and Modern Meditations techniques, while  standing, lying or sitting. By learning and finding individual Meditations techniques that work for you, let us achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state so the cognitive and intuitive functions gets its full potential to get the life that we want.


So many styles have come to our life that it is difficult to find balance, Italian to African food our taste buds want more , also our senses are overstimulated, eyes are tired. Different times zones as we travel and different lights from our digital world has  taken away the quality of sleep . Suddenly the energy to enjoy life decreases as we age, learn the ancient knowledge with modern understanding to get the best from life.

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