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Sitting is Dangerous than Smoking.

Every 15 minutes we change our sitting position in a office chair. Either we have strain in the back or in the neck. The eyes strain, the neck aches. And as we lean over to work on our computer screen, ours lungs and heart also does not get enough space to breath or circulate oxygen and blood.

If one is sitting for many work hours in a day without taking enough pause, its becomes more dangerous than smoking. Modern medical research is also confirming to this concept.

Scientific studies reveal it can take a toll on the heart by increasing the levels of cholesterol and fat and to get affected by type 2 diabetes are more.

To stay healthy and to prevent this one has to do small amounts of physical activity through out the day . Here are some few simple tips

1 leave your chair every half an hour, even if it is for few minutes

2 stand whenever you are talking to somebody in office.

3 Please talk with your colleagues and clients personally while walking if possible, avoid in office emails .

4 Do simple stretches and office yoga at your desk

5 Head to your office recreation centre for a workout or play games.

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