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HSP & Meditation

Last week a Lady from Luxembourg came to me to learn meditation. The Lady said she had HSP and she thinks meditation can help her. I asked her "what is HSP, i never heard that term ". She said she is a Highly Sensitive Person and she processes sensory data more deeply due to the nature of her central nervous system. I was just observing her breath, eye movements and as i worked in a Neurological ward, i was accessing her fine motoric abilities and her cognitive level. As per the TIM(Traditional Indian Medicine) she has high vata and she cannot withdraw her sense perception as easily as normally possible.

I just listened to Her as deeply as possible and started my Mediation therapy. A normal kind of Meditation or Relaxation will not help her. I was trying to create silences in between her words and perceptions that she was projecting.

People with HSP report having a heightened response to stimuli such as pain, caffeine, hunger, and loud noises. These people are easily overstimulated by external stimuli because they have a lower

perceptual threshold and process stimuli cognitively deeper than most other people.This deeper processing may result in increased reaction time as more time is spent responding to cues in the

environment, and might also contribute to cautious behavior and low risk-taking.

After working with for near about 3 hours in two sessions from her body and feeling feed back ,My teaching techniques brought her to a still state, where she was a completely changed person. I was amazed to see the effects i could not believe that Proper Meditation techniques can bring such a clarity , stability and peace in a person. Her eyes was clear , energetic and fresh. The skin of her face was glowing and relaxed. Her cognitive level has improved and her awareness is not dull. Her sense perceptions can handle information and external stimuli much better. She reacted and talked very calmly for next half and hour and offered me to teach this special Meditation technique in a HSP Seminar that she is organizing.

Highly sensitive persons can get lots of benefits from practicing silence. I learned a lot from her.

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