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Stress Management & Resilience

In modern times everybody have the ability to handle 20 to 30 stress situations in a day. Every one today has a super stress competence to succeed. But if a stress situation persists for months or years like divorce with your life partner, complex diseases like cancer or a long legal fight with your business partner. Some people are better mentally prepared to manage the stress situations and some go in the zone of depression or burnout. Ones inner ability to stand back again is Resilence. Resilence is an essential and common factor in successful people. One may be smart, social with people but certain kind of determination and persistence is crucial on the road to success.

All of us in certain point of life have succeeded by fighting back different personal and professional circumstances. What if you can improve your resilience power? The good news is resilience is not genetically determined. Many successful people have a troubled childhood,like broken houses, death or alcoholism of their parents but they made their life.

Resilience is not a static aspect , that can be developed and retained for ever. Resilience should be constantly developed and kept dynamic by practices. The basic things for Resilience are

a)Good Sleep

b) Slowing Down

c )Having a Healthy Lifestyle .

And for the long term concepts for developing and enhancing the skills for resilience are

a)Developing Intelligence- Get the best out of your brain, Creative ways to come out from the crisis

b) Optimism- Keeping the strong Belief that all will be good

c) Extroverstion -to have a meainful contact and bonding with people who care about your feeling.

We all know that life has its up and downs. The ups in life is like fulfilling careers, meeting the true life partner . But we do not think the downs in the same way. When we face the life challenges, some are better equipped than the other. Some people don’t break but bend, Some sink and some swim,

This inner strength is true resilience . Resilience is a powerful tool to harness personal and professional ambition. Like any other skill resilience can be learned. It takes some practice. Basic foundation is right and good quality sleep,moderate exercises , giving some me time.

Let’s Learn Resilience and Start to develop it.

In a very innovative way Raja Ray supports the process of Resilience, through touch, breathing, movements ,Meditation and lifestyle practies.

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