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Breathing for a Healthy Brain

Without eating food - how many days a human being can survive?

Whithout water - how many days can we survive?

And without Oxygen - how many minutes or moments can we survive?

Breathing is very crucial for Life, and using breath for health is a special subject, and specially for Parkinson´s Cure- Breath can play a special role.

Lets do a practice:

Please lay on your back and bend your knees.

Focus on your exhalation.

First you can exhale through the mouth, then try to exhale through the nose.

Exhale softly without tensing the muscles or brain.

Its is a very fine art to exhale softly, that will really help and heal your brain.

If its difficult, learn it from a Breath therapist.

For more information about Parkinson´s Healing Breath, please check my book:

A better life with Parkinson(English/German ) in Amazon or in the Book - Section in my website.

Keep practicing, Raja Ray

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