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Meditation for Neurological Diseases

Meditation is a great tool for Self-management and Health. It brings unity with our own body, mind, organs and brain. Neurologists and clinical research also confirms that positive silence like meditation changes the brain structure with lots of benefits.

Some benefits of Meditation are:

- Living in Now

- High energy level

- Enhanced powers of Learning

- Increases in Concentration and Focus

- Better Understanding of Relationships

- Better immune function

- Improves Heart and Digestive Functions

- Greater Anger Control

- Anti- Depressive etc.

- Anti Stress

- Reduces Anxiety

Meditation is an unintentional intention, it is not an intellectual but a natural state, filled with mindfullness and consciousness.

In meditation, there is only the natural being and existence.

If you try to create or force a state of meditation at all costs, you will not be successful.

A trained meditation instructor can support you n learning and practicing your meditation.

Meditation allows us to develop a deeper level of connection and to explore new dimensions in your body, mind and personality - it supports your mental health!

When i worked in Neurlogical Clinic with chronic neurological diseases like Parkinson's, Multiple sclerosis (MS) etc. I developed a special Meditation Technique using vocal sounds and finger movements to improve the cognitive functions of my patients.

The practice benefited the Neurological patients a lot.

You can learn from this Book and approve your mental health!

If you are more interested in details about my work and like to learn my way of meditation,

have a look at my book:



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